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Congratulations to Claudia Schultz for winning a 2018 Silver Trowel award. Each year the Gardeners Club of Green Bay gives out six awards. Claudia was presented with the 2018 Silver Trowel award for contributing to horticulture over the years.  She has been committed to organizing and managing numerous projects with the help of Master Gardeners.  You can read more about Claudia's achievement ​​​​​ here!

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Each year the N.E.W. Master Gardeners award participants at the Brown County Fair based on entering at least 5 entries under the categories of fruits, vegetables, house plants, plant craft or flowers for the Youth Fair. Youth must receive a combination of first and second place awards and have knowledge of their project. The Master Gardeners Association also supply the pots that Brown County 4-H clubs use for planting at least 60 days ahead of time. Jim Farmaree, a certified judge and Master Gardener, helped judge the pots. Premium (placings) on the pots are supplied by the Fair Association.

The winners of the 2018 N.E.W. Master Gardener Awards are:
Candra Carter, Rockland 4-H Club, for Vegetables;
Sabrina Schmidt, Morrison 4-H Club, for House Plants, and
Brandi VanPay of Rockland 4-H Club, for Flowers. 


Garden Clippings Newsletter
October 2018

​New educational opportunities have been added. Please check out the " Educational Opportunities " page for information on the 2018 Horticulture classes, the Garden Series, and online choices for your classroom hours.

WIMGA  offers grants of $100, $250, or $400 for your MGV project! Apply here:

  1. Bob Mongin Memorial Garden - Bellevue, UW Extension Office
    Bob Mongin Memorial Garden
  2. BC Library's Children's Edible Garden Event
    BC Library's Children's Edible Garden Event
    The Children's Edible Garden at the Brown County Library Downtown GB
  3. Neville Museum Native Garden
    Neville Museum Native Garden
    Creating Monarch-Friendly Native Garden in Urban Downtown
  4. Brown County Library's Children's Edible Garden
    Harvest Time!
    Harvesting Jelly Melons at the Children's Edible Garden
  5. Locktender's Native Prairie Garden - Open House
    Locktender's Native Prairie Garden - Open House
    Open House at the De Pere Locktender's Native Prairie Garden
  6. St. Mark's Raised Garden - 471 Pounds of Veggies Harvested!
    St. Mark's Raised Garden - 471 Pounds of Veggies Harvested!
    A very successful year of growth for St. Mark's Garden

NEWMGA Board of Directors

  1. Officers 2018:
    Roberta Schantz - President Al Nass - Vice President Karla Parmentier - Treasurer Julie Cole - Secretary Vijai Pandian - Advisor
  2. Board Members:
    Carri Benzow Barbara Brown Barb Brum Nancy Fictum Dr. Tim Freeman
  3. Kyle Gigot Linda Gutske Steve Herro Trisha Linssen Crystal Malakar Lee Richardson
  4. Eileen Rueden Jill Sobieck Mary Sprangers Bill Stevens Doris Magyar - WIMGA Representative