Northeastern Wisconsin
Master Gardeners' Association

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Affiliated with University of Wisconsin-Extension and
the Wisconsin Master Gardener Program​

Welcome to the homepage of the Northeastern Wisconsin Master Gardeners' Association!

Proper Tree Planting – Wednesday, April 19, OR Tuesday, April 25 (choose one session); 5:30-7:30 PM, Ag & Extension Service Center:
WANTED – good homes for trees! Are you willing to plant and care for a new tree on your property? Do you want to help increase our urban forest tree canopy? Then we have the program for you! Join Vijai Pandian, Horticulture Educator, along with Doug Hartman, Master Gardener Volunteer, to learn about proper tree planting techniques and post-planting care. In return, you will take home a free tree! These bare root trees (5-8’ tall) of different varieties and will be given to program participants (one per household) to help increase the number of trees in our community as well as diversify our urban forest species composition. There will be two workshops offered, and the sessions are limited to 50 people each, so make your reservation soon! No tools are required for the program, but bring a vehicle capable of transporting up to an 8’ tall tree (bare root) to take home with you! We hope you can join us for this “tree”mendous opportunity! Note: This program will be held primarily outdoors, so please dress for the weather. Maximum attendance is 50 people per session with one free tree per household. There is no cost to attend, but pre-registration is required by calling 920-391-4653.
Due to a grant, you will receive a free 5-8’ tall tree to take home! Details are below. If you would like to sign up, please let me know which session you will attend (April 19 or April 25). Each session is limited to 50 people.

Hello MGVs:
Help is needed in developing a curriculum for the YMCA summer program, which may also include some after-school kids. If you can help Jo Ann Holloway develop a curriculum, it would be much appreciated! Please contact Jo Ann at 920-336-7988 for more information or to offer your assistance.

The NEW Master Gardener Assocation is proud of the new greenhouse at the Bellevue Extension Center. Bill
Stevens sends out special thanks to Jordan &  Kyle
(Madison Greenhouse Company) for finishing the construction in a timely fashion.  He applauds our
Master Gardener Volunteers - Alan, Bill, Yvonne,
Nancy,  Dan, Doug, Sue and our grounds crew - Ann and Katie for their great help in constructing this new greenhouse. He would also like to thank our BC facilities - Greg, Paul, and Pat for their assistance in this project, and appreciates R.J. Parins for quickly fixing the broken pipe line.

  1. Wildlife pier August
    Wildlife pier August
  2. St Philip garden
    St Philip garden
  3. GBBG square foot garden
    GBBG square foot garden
  4. St. Mark's garden
    St. Mark's garden
  5. Library edible garde
    Library edible garde
  6. UWEX garden
    UWEX garden

NEWMGA Board of Directors

  1. Officers 2016:
    Roberta Schantz - President Debbie Rodriguez - Vice President Karla Parmentier - Treasurer Doug Hartman - Secretary Vijai Pandian - Advisor
  2. Board Members:
    Carri Benzow Julie Cole Barbara Brown Becky Brundidge Robert Dreher Tim Freeman
  3. Kyle Gigot Kathi Hegranes Jo Ann Holloway Becka Mertens Al Nass Lee Richardson
  4. Sue Roulette Mary Sprangers Bill Stevens Doris Magyar - WIMGA Representative