The following Volunteer projects are scheduled to be done by NEW MGA teams in 2019.
If you are interested in working on one of these projects, please contact the project leader listed.  
Garden Series - Barb Brown, (920) 336-6098, [email protected]

NEW MGV Plant Sale  - Project Leader is needed!

​Annual Banquet assistance -  Eileen Rueden, (920) 470-5562,  [email protected]

 NEW MG website & newsletter - Trisha Linssen, (920) 819-7370, [email protected]

​MG Facebook - Crystal Brown, (715) 292-0380, [email protected]
Native Garden at Locktender’s House - Claudia Schultz, (920) 336-0030,  [email protected]
Native Garden at Neville Museum - Claudia Schultz, (920) 336-0030,  [email protected]
Square Foot Garden at St. Mark Church - Mary Sprangers, (920) 680-2546, [email protected]

YMCA Square Foot Garden - Jo Ann Holloway, (920) 336-7988,  [email protected]

Perennial Garden at UWEX - Lee Richardson, (920) 336-5331 [email protected]

BC Central Library Children’s Garden - Steve Herro, (920) 217-8213, [email protected]

GBBG Small Space Garden - Shirley Maenner, (920) 434-0291, [email protected]
​​                                                                            Jim Radey, (920) 360-3891,   [email protected]
UWEX Rose Garden - Anita Mueller, 920-845-2647  [email protected]
Heritage Hill Tank Garden - Project Leader is needed!

ADRC Raised Bed Gardens - Lee Richardson, (920) 336-5331, [email protected]

Plant Diagnostic Help - Doug Hartman, (920) 445-9530,  [email protected]

The Value of Master Gardener Volunteers

UW-Extension Master Gardener Volunteers keep a record of volunteer activity and continuing education hours throughout the year which are both required to achieve and maintain certification as Master Gardeners.

In 2018, 84 local county volunteers reported 2,992 hours of volunteer time at 11 community projects.

147 hours were direct education in the community;
146 hours were dedicated to youth education;
2,699 hours were community service. ​

Additonally, 845 hours of were committed to continuing education to improve their horticultural knowledge.