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The following lists the Volunteer projects to be done by the NEW MGA teams in 2016:
Annual Banquet, Garden Series, Garden Field Day  - Doris Magyar, 920-755-2573
NEWMGV Spring Plant Sale  - project leader needed

​Garden Field Day -  Eileen Rueden, 920-740-5562

Garden Clippings newsletter, Facebook - project leader needed
GBBG Hosta Trial Project - Kyle Gigot, 920-680-1625
Locktender’s House Native Garden - Claudia Schultz, 920-336-0030
Neville Museum garden - Claudia Schultz, 920-336-0030
St. Mark Square Foot Garden - Mary Sprangers, 920-680-2546
St. Philip Garden - Sue Roulette, 920-465-0634

YMCA Square Foot Garden - Jo Ann Holloway, 920-336-7988

Healthy Kids' Day - Jo Ann Holloway, 920-336-7988

Perennial Garden at UWEX - Lee Richardson, 920-336-5331

Square Foot Garden at UWEX-Kay VanLaanen,920-360-1905
                                                                      Carri Benzow, 920-863-6375

BC Central Library Children’s Garden - 

GBBG Small Space Garden - Shirley Maenner, 929-660-3460
                                                                                                 Jim Radey, 920-863-8006
UWEX Rose Garden - Anita Mueller, 920-845-2647
Heritage Hill Tank Garden - Karla Parmentier, 920-327-3158

ADRC Raised Bed Gardens - Lee Richardson, 920- 336-5331

Diagnostic Help - Doug Hartman, 920-406-9538

To download a flyer describing these projects, please click here.